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제목Currently Corona 19 is spreading all over the world2020-04-15 17:55:01
작성자 Level 10

Dear, Mr and Ms

Currently Corona 19 is spreading all over the world so we want to know if you are healthy and peaceful although there are disastrous virus.

Because of it, world economic is trembling but we are fighting harsh to overcome this tragedy.

The biggest worry is flight schedule to countries so parcel can go without any problem.

Though flight schedule has been shrinking, our company made special contract with DHL so we are possible to send it by DHL in lower price.

Also they offer fine custom pass so we are getting benefit from it.

We really hope that this ends soon and you to be with no harm in you and your company.

Also if you have interest in making orders and selling items, we are always open and be willing to work with you.

Thank you a lot for your interests and efforts.

Sincerely with love

21 Century Medical Co., Ltd