ModelMono, Twin, Screw, Cog Etc.

Technical differentiation

1. Optimization of polydioxanone is realized through sterilization process

& special drying process for quality enhancement

2. Fabrication technology enables the manufacture of various patterns

What’s BE?

Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone Suture with needle (CE Product)

The Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone suture with needle consists of a suture that assembles

or processes the raw materials of a Polydioxanone suture & a needle acting

as an injector (Cannula).

The suture is inserted into the internal tissue & is completely dismantled by

hydrolysis process slowly for 4 to 6 months.

CEO’s Greeting

21 Century medical is a company which produces high quality of Sterile Single

Use Poly dioxanone suture with needle, CE Product professionally.

We are trying to the best to supply BE and BIO MEYSUN all around the world.

We have quality certification like GMP, ISO 13485 etc.

We are exporting all over the world and going to do our best to be

the leading company which leads RA(Regulatory Affairs) both the inside and

outside of the country and produces the best products through constant R&D

and quality assurance.


Mrs. Sin Mi Hyang

21Century Medical Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes

in producing high quality of Polydioxanone Suture.